A Working Partnership to Publish Works on the Coinage of the Indian Sub Continent Through the Ages.

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The team is pleased to announce that Mr Mukesh Sharma has joined the research team. Mukesh is a qualified archaeologist with post graduate studies in forensic science. For full details please see the Blog and Our Team sections at


The first book of the long series on Indian coins will be released at the end of April 2014. It presents numismatic detail and research by a new method with full colour content. The first volume of approximately 300 (most in full colour) is on the silver coinage of Shah Alam 1 Bahadur. The authors thank the meticulous attention to detail from our publishers Manohar Publishers of Delhi and particularly the work of Mr Ramesh Jain. Mr Jain is also a keen a fastidious coin collector.

The next publication currently being completed is on the gold, silver and copper coinage of Jahandar Shah.

The blogs and other associated sites will restart in the near future. It should be noted that the original works currently under preparation for publishing By Manohar Publishers have been published privately and ISBN's issued. All content has been copyright protected for a considerable amount of time.

On behalf of the Coins of India Research Team co- chairmen Mohammed Tariq and Arthur Needham welcome you to the site.

The site is a holding area for new finds in Indian coinage.

Within the history of Indian coinage through the many eras and reigns, styles, dates and even coin issuers remain to be discovered by the new wave of collectors. There should be some excitement when this happens and they should be recorded in a central place for all researchers and collectors to view and make use of.

This is the site where they will be recorded. For the complete story of the Coins of India Research Group please visit
Please contribute to the project.

The co- chairmen are pleased to announce that the first publication on the silver coins of Shah Alam I Bahadur is currently in typeset with the official launch in a few weeks.

Other publications are progressing rapidly. Thanks to Manohar Publishers.

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